Teaching? Like it’s Hard?

After several days of consideration, I was finally convinced to start a blog. Thanks to my very technologically advanced sister, Nana, the BLOG looks amazing and is up and running. It’s amazing what she knows how to do! I am just trying to figure out how to even get started. Luckily, I sort of paid attention on how to post my first blog, so here I am. She will be so proud of me.

My inspiration came from her idea to start a blog about her life. Well, my life isn’t as exciting as a 22 year old’s is; however, I too have something worth sharing and worth writing about.

I teach. Teaching is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. Beyond Finger-Painting gives me the voice to share what teachers really do 180 days a year. We don’t finger paint all day!!! As a matter of fact even the youngest kiddos in our building don’t do that!

I can’t even remember how many people have asked me, “Why teaching, isn’t teaching just babysitting?”. Or “Why didn’t you go into nursing, they make more money?”. Another misconception! Nurses don’t work just for money! I used to get so offended by those questions, now I just laugh it off.  At this point in my career {7 years later}, I have finally figured out to laugh and walk away.

The reality is, most people don’t know what teaching really entails. Most people don’t have to get up extra early knowing that they will probably stay pretty late anyways. Most people do not have to plan every minute of their day out, and hopefully remember to go to the bathroom at some point. Most importantly most people do not have to be responsible for roughly 25 “almost teenagers” a day.

Teachers are actors, entertainers, friends, confidants, counselors, mediators, nurses, peace keepers, idea generators, and much, much more. So it’s obvious, I am not in this profession for the income, I am in it for the kids, their families, and my community. The more that I can do to help create great thinkers, leaders, and positive members of our community, the better the future looks.

I’ve always wanted to change the world. This is my way of doing so.



2 thoughts on “Teaching? Like it’s Hard?”

  1. Love your idea of starting a blog. I admire a lot of what you have acomplished and all that you do as a teacher every day. On the side note, I had to make a comment on nursing. Nursing is so not about money. If somebody choses nursing for money only, they probably will not stay in the profession for long. Nursing requires passion, commitment and hard work ( and also learning to not use the restroom too often 🙂 ). Anyways, good luck on your journey of blog writing.

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